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Emetophobia Treatment Wolverhampton

The specific Emetophobia Treatment used at Thrive with Paul involves a number of face-to-face sessions combined with structured tasks & exercises which are outlined in the “Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive” workbook, a best-selling applied psychology programme for changing limiting beliefs and the only proven and predictable cure for Emetophobia available today.

This combination of coaching, reading and practical work will systematically allow you to:

  • Understand more clearly how YOUR mind creates filters and belief systems that distort your view of your environment and contribute to your Emetophobia.
  • Understand how your psychological foundations were formed, and how these can lead to you adopting certain types of “unhelpful” thinking styles that underpin your Emetophobia.
  • Learn how to unravel the unhelpful thinking and distortions and become able to permanently change unhelpful thoughts and feelings allowing you to resolve your Emetophobia.

The Emetophobia Treatment Workbook

The emetophobia treatment workbook outlines a number of structured stages each designed to progressively provide you with the core knowledge and techniques to both fully understand and then change the way that you think in order to cure your Emetophobia.

Typically, Emetophobia sufferers will require between 8 and 10 sessions, depending on your ability to keep to the work-load and assimilate the information.

In this way, your rate of progression is really determined by just how much effort you will be willing to put into the process and how motivated your are to overcoming Emetophobia.

What Happens in the Emetophobia Treatment Sessions?

During the first  Emetophobia treatment session we will carry out four key diagnostic tests to determine your initial starting point and the severity of your Emetophobia symptoms.

These diagnostic tests are known as:

(1) The Locus of Control or “Sense of Power” Test

The “Locus of Control” is a measure of how much “control” you believe that you have over the “path” of your life and has a marked effect on how much YOU believe you can solve problems and difficulties.

People with Emetophobia tend to have quite an “external” LOC.

(2) Degree of Social Anxiety

Social Pressure, or Social Anxiety is how much you “worry” about what other people think about who you are or what you do and also a measure of how “judged” you feel by your social contacts.

Emetophobia sufferers tend to have a high degree of Social Anxiety.

(3) Degree of Self-Esteem

Self Esteem is a measure of how much you “like” yourself and how “capable” and “competent” you feel.

The large percentage of Emetophobes tend to feel rather “stupid” or “silly” about their phobia and as a result will often have low self-esteems as a result.

(4) Emetophobia Severity Scale

The ESS test is a reasonable indicator of the degree to which Emetophobia affects your daily life and is also an excellent gauge by which to measure your progress at the end of the course.

This scale was used extensively in the Emetophobia Research Paper.

These diagnostic evaluations allow us to compare how you felt before following the programme, and afterwards.

Try out this Emetophobia Assessment Test HERE

Emetophobia Treatment Structure

After the first diagnostic session you will then follow the structured course which is outlined in the workbook.

The programme is designed in such way to ensure that each piece of knowledge that you “acquire” builds upon the previous.

In this way, many people find that their Emetophobia Symptoms diminish progressively during the course of the programme.

This new knowledge will equip you to not only “understand” how your “thinking styles” and “belief” systems have been contributing to your Emetophobia, but also what “practical” things you can do to counter-act these old “habitual” thinking styles and beliefs.

You will learn the following KEY things during the course of your Emetophobia Treatment with me here in Wolverhampton:

  • Belief Systems and their impact on how we feel.
  • Cognition (the actual thoughts we have) and the importance of our “inner dialogue”.
  • The Locus of Control and how it affects our ability to tackle difficulty
  • Self-Esteem and how easily it can be boosted or diminished
  • Social Anxiety what worrying about what people think does to our actions
  • The Thrive Factor which is the common link between the three key belief systems
  • Personality Types and how this determines our most likely thinking styles
  • Unhelpful Thinking Styles that we may have believed where actually helping us!
  • Language, both internal and external dialogue, and how we connect linguistics to our feelings
  • Anxiety & Stress and how they are “created” by many of the above factors
  • The DREAM Technique, a system for modifying un-helpful thoughts
  • Additional tools and techniques for overcoming your Emetophobia

Additionally you will begin to appreciate how many of the things that you do that are intended to ‘keep you safe’ from Vomit or Sickness bugs are actually helping you to keep the Emetophobia ‘alive’ – what are known as ‘safety’ or ‘avoidance’ behaviours.

How Much Does the Emetophobia Treatment Cost?

The full ten session course of the Thrive Programme for Emetophobia costs £795.

If you have purchased the ‘Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive’ book from Amazon and have ben struggling to work through the book on your own, please do get in touch as research does suggest that following the programme with a Thrive Consultant can be a more effective solution.

To pay for your course please visit our Prices page.

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emetophobia treatment workbook - cure your emetophobia and thrive

“I Thought About Being Sick EVERY Day”

louise-wardWhen I met Paul I was feeling very low.

I have had ‘Emetophobia’ for around 20 years and I’d always thought that was just the way my life would be.

I thought about sick (being sick, feeling sick, others being sick) all day, every day and carried out many safety behaviours, thinking I was preventing myself from catching a bug or becoming sick.

I didn’t let my phobia ruin my life or stop me from doing anything I really wanted to do but it certainly ruled my life and had a big part to play in the choices I made.

When I felt nauseous (which was often a daily occurrence) it would send me into a panic attack, worrying, overthinking and shaking in anxiety.

I thought I was a positive person – I had re-trained and secured my dream job and lost weight both of which I thought would change my life but having achieved both I realised they didn’t.

Read more here..

“I wouldn’t Leave the House”

Emetophobia Solved by Riccardo WoolcockBefore I met Paul I was in a bad place, I wouldn’t leave my house or do anything because I lacked confidence and also because of my emetophobia.

The thrive programme has made me realise how to control my thoughts and made me realise how I was the one creating the fear, not only has it helped me overcome my fear but also its changed me as a person.

I’ve quit my job and I’m now pursuing a career as a gardener, which I want, this is because Paul and the programme have given me a burst of confidence.

It’s helped open my eyes to many things and not only just my fear. I’m now able to manage my thinking and control it. I would recommend this programme to everyone; even those without phobias etc.

It really has opened my eyes to a new life, a better me.

Thank you Paul and make sure you keep in touch

Riccardo Woolcock

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