Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked about the Thrive Programme and how and why it ‘works’, so this page provides some answers to the most common questions we encounter.

Is Thrive Therapy?

No, not really.

Therapy is generally used when there is something ‘wrong’ with a person that needs to be ‘fixed’.

The Thrive Programme is more of a ‘training programme‘ that helps you become ‘better’ than you currently are, but you don’t need to be ‘broken’ to follow the programme, you just need to want to make some positive changes for yourself.

Having said that, Thrive can help people to overcome a very wide range of problems and difficulties, and in fact can often be much more effective than ‘therapy’.

This is principally due to the unique way in which it helps a person to understand and then take responsibility for the way they feel as part of the improvement process.

How Much Does It Cost?

The full course of the Thrive Programme costs £795 and normally involves around ten hours of work over 6 – 10 sessions.

Because Thrive is designed to provide a progressive development of knowledge and skills, it is normally spaced over ten weeks.

We also offer an instalment plan for those people who prefer to spread the cost of their course. This plan takes three payments of £280 which are spaced over 3 months.

Please visit the PRICES page for more information.

How Effective is Thrive?

Based on what our clients tell us, and have told us over the last seven years or so that Thrive has been in existence, extremely effective!

Thrive has had literally thousands of positive testimonials from people who often say that it is the ‘best thing they have ever done’.

We believe that this is mainly because the entire programme is 100% based on scientific principles and research that has been PROVEN to help people make cognitive and behavioural changes.

You can view some of our Client Testimonials here.

How Does 'It' Work?

One of the fundamental points they we help you to get to grips with when following the Thrive Programme is that there really is no ‘it’; the Thrive Programme doesn’t actually ‘do’ anything to a person at all!

In fact, no form of training or psychological therapy ‘does’ anything to a person, it is ALWAYS ‘what’ a person does that makes a difference to their lives.

This breaks with tradition as a great many coaches and therapists out in the community try to ‘sell’ the idea that their particular ‘therapy’ or ‘technique’ in some way ‘changes’ people without them having to make any kind of ‘effort’ at all, and just by ‘experiencing’ their particular technique you will somehow ‘get better’.

So, the answer to the question is that YOU are the person who makes changes by using the tools and techniques that we ‘teach’ you that are embodied within the programme.

Is Thrive Complicated to Follow?

Absolutely not.

The Thrive Programme specifically avoids the use of complex concepts and language as part of the process.

Of course, some people may find some of the ideas contained within Thrive ‘difficult’ or ‘challenging’, but the most important thing you need is not ‘intellectual power’, but a strong desire to change and a preparedness to put in 100% effort to achieve your aim.

I, like any other Thrive Consultant, can help you to get to grips with any of the ideas within Thrive which is why following the programme with a consultant can be such a rewarding experience.

How Much Time Will I Have To Put In?

The Thrive Programme involves your time in two different ways.

Firstly, you will spend at least 10 hours with me here at the training centre in Wombourne, normally spaced over 6 -10 weekly sessions.

Secondly, you can expect to spend somewhere in the region of 3 – 4 hours reading each week as well as sometime during each and every day applying the principles you learn within the course.

Therefore you can expect something like 50 hours of session and reading time, plus the time you spend each day carrying out specific ‘mental’ activities.

If this, for example, added up to two hours a day, that might mean over the course of the whole programme that you spend:

Sessions – 10 hours

Reading – 40 hours (4 hours x 10 weeks)

Applying – 140 hours (2 hours x 70 days)

Approximately 190 hours.

If you could almost completely transform your life for the better would this be time YOU would be willing to spend?

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