How To Record a Featured Story

HOW TO RECORD A ‘FEATURED STORY’ Sharing your Story Congratulations on completing The Thrive Programme! We’d love to share your story on through our social media, to inspire others to learn to Thrive. Here are some guidelines for creating a 1-3 minute video. It’s...

One Easy Tip To Break That Low Self Esteem Cycle

Self-esteem is perhaps the most under-valued part of what makes up our mental health. At worst, it can lead you to do things you’d never normally consider doing – poor relationship choice, drinking heavily and substance abuse are classic symptoms of low self-esteem –...
Thrive Programme Consultant Paul Lee

About Paul BSc.

Paul is a highly experienced psychologist & therapist who has been delivering the Thrive Programme since its early development in 2011. 


The fear of vomiting is thought to affect around 5% of the population. Thrive is the most effective solution to emetophobia ever devised.

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Fear of flying has been around since air travel was first invented. It is most often associated with a 'high desire for control'.

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Public Speaking

Reckoned to be the the most common phobia. This can become a significant problem if talking to groups becomes a part of your job.

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