Mum-of-two and now ex-emetophobia sufferer Lauren recently completed a huge Smashed It challenge – or should we say a Smashed It day!

Her challenge was to smash 8 big Thrive goals that she had set herself – the day before her last session with her Thrive Consultant to really show how far she had come since starting it.

Her challenges included confidently driving on her own, taking both of her children to a parent toddler group by herself for the first time, and driving to the big Tesco store in her area to do the weekly shop there with her son. She says this was a particularly huge challenge for her as she was by herself so essentially for the first time had ‘no back up’ of having her partner there with her in case something happened or she couldn’t cope. It’s safe to say she absolutely nailed it!!

All of these challenges – part of everyday life for most Mums – were things that she was completely unable to do when struggling with emetophobia, so it’s amazing to see just how far she has now come! Her video testimonial is ready to go and will be shared on this page very soon, so keep an eye out for it to hear her full story  Well done Lauren!!

Thrive Programme Consultant Paul Lee

About Paul BSc. MSc.

Paul is a highly experienced psychologist & therapist who has been delivering the Thrive Programme since its early development in 2011. Thrive with Paul is run from our private offices in Wombourne.

The Thrive Programme

The Thrive Programme is a science-based training programme that teaches self-insight as well as a range of life-changing principles.

Common Questions

Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about what the thrive programme is and how it helps with life problems.

Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are those things that we believe about life and how the ‘world works’ that may be self-limiting and unhelpful to us.

Locus of Control

Our Locus of Control is measure of how self-empowered we feel about our ability to determine the path that our life takes.

Social Pressure

We either succumb to the social pressures around us or we are able to make-up our own minds and not be swayed by the crowds.


Our self-esteem is the result of how we ‘think’ about ourselves, how much ‘value’ ourselves and how we ‘treat’ ourselves on a day-to-day basis.


The fear of vomiting is thought to affect around 5% of the population. Thrive is the most effective solution to emetophobia ever devised.


Fear of flying has been around since air travel was first invented. It is most often associated with a ‘high desire for control’.

Public Speaking

Reckoned to be the the most common phobia. This can become a significant problem if talking to groups becomes a part of your job.