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Thrive Programme for Anxiety

Anxiety is an absolutely normal reaction to any situation where we believe we are in “danger”, not necessarily that we ARE in danger.

Human beings are “hard-wired” to respond to danger in this way and we have very little conscious control over our automatic biological reaction, however, we DO have control over what we believe is dangerous – seen from this point of view we can see that it’s not the “Anxiety Reaction” which is “inappropriate” or “incorrect”, but what we believe represents DANGER.

For example, when a person suffering from Glossophobia (Fear of Public Speaking) experiences strong feelings of Anxiety whenever they make or ‘think’ about making a presentation, their mind and body is acting in a completely coherent and logical way because their belief system has identified “public speaking activities” as being potentially dangerous.

In this example the “danger” may be represented by any number of factors such as:

  • Negative judgement by people for making a mistake
  • Worrying that they might blush
  • Having to be “perfect”
  • Making a “fool” of themselves
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Freeze, Flight or Fight?

When our mind prepares to deal with danger it considers three possible ways of solving the problem we are faced with:

(1) FREEZE and hope that the danger goes away

(2) FLIGHT – escape from the danger, normally by running away, and

(3) FIGHT – confront and fight the danger

Whichever option we choose our mind ensures that our body is physically ready for any of the solutions by flooding our bloodstream with Adrenalin, shutting down the non-essential bodily functions (rationale thinking, digestion etc) and generally preparing for survival.

These chemical changes in our bodies are experienced physically as the symptoms of Anxiety and can occur in just tenths of a second.

Symptoms of Anxiety

The most common symptoms of Anxiety include:

  • Feelings of living on the edge of your seat
  • Inability to rest well
  • An impending sense of fear or dread
  • Problems Concentrating
  • Being quick tempered with friends and family
  • Finding minor issues irritating
  • Feelings of dizziness
  • Difficulties in becoming motivated
  • Prickly sensations like pins and needles
  • Palpitations
  • Fatigued Muscles
  • Dry and Sticky mouth
  • Sweating excessively
  • Breathlessness
  • Cramps in the Stomach
  • Migraines and Headaches
  • Missing your period
  • Sleep patterns becoming interrupted

We Need Anxiety!

It is important to realise that this reaction to danger is not only useful, but is highly desirable as well.

Without Anxiety we would not have survived very long as a species back in our evolutionary history, particularly in those pre-historic days when we might have been potential food for predators.

How Can the Thrive Programme Help with Anxiety?

The vast majority of people who suffer with Anxiety are actually unwittingly ‘creating’ it in themselves due to an “unhelpful belief system”, often that they are not fully aware of.

The Thrive Programme can help you to understand both HOW and WHY you might have created the unhelpful belief systems and provide you with practical, evidence based solutions that help you change your thinking so that you experience things in a different and new way.

In other words, by changing your thinking you can change the way you FEEL about things / events.

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