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The Thrive Programme for Phobias in Wolverhampton.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there really was a pill that you could take to overcome your phobia!

In fact, when Derren Brown ‘created’ a new pill that was designed to do exactly that, people did indeed seem to overcome their phobias! This miracle cure was called Rumyodin.

It was only when it was revealed, at the end of the ‘experiment’, that what they had all been given was just sugar water and that those who had overcome their phobias had done it through the power of their own thinking… even if they hadn’t been aware of it!

Rumyodin had in fact been an anagram of “In Your Mind”. You can find out more about this ‘experiment’ at

How To Beat Phobias with Thrive

The reason we have mentioned the ‘Rumyodin’ experiment above is that people really can overcome ANY phobia by using their minds, or to be more accurate, by learning how to manage their thinking more effectively.

Phobias are IRRATIONAL fears, but this does not mean that the Anxiety and Stress that you experience when faced with your phobic situation is not real, indeed, it’s VERY real. No, the point is, that what you believe is causing you the horrible feelings of anxiety is not really the thing you are phobic about, but the WAY you think about whatever it is.

So if you want to get rid of your phobia and the associated anxiety, you need to learn how to think about it differently and not keep avoiding the situation, which, in fact, only ever makes the phobia worse!

You Created It, So You Can Un-Create It!

You may have been telling yourself for years and years that your phobia is due to some earlier ‘traumatic’ experience that has some how led to this fear today, however, this is almost always simply not true.

What is almost certainly correct is that you may have had a negative experience many years ago, but what has happened since then is that it has ‘grown’ into a phobia because of the way you have thought about it over the years. If this wasn’t true, then why doesn’t everybody who experienced the same ‘traumatic’ event have the phobia? Why did it ‘become’ a phobia for you, but for somebody else became something that happened that they don’t think or worry about?

It seems reasonable to conclude that that the only real difference is in the way that different people ‘think’ about these types of events.

How Does the Thrive Programme help with Phobias?

The Thrive programme is a course of scientifically-backed applied psychology that helps you to understand, and then to modify, any un-helpful thinking styles and beliefs that help to keep your phobia ‘alive’ today.

Once you can understand how YOU created the phobia in the first place, you can then use the new skills that you will learn with the programme to re-learn new behaviours and feelings.

The Thrive Programme for Phobias

The Thrive Programme is unsurpassed at helping people with ‘problems’ identify and then change their limiting belief systems.

This multi-session course utilises the very latest findings in cognitive psychology and neuroscience research to help a person to understand how a limiting belief may be formed in the first place, through either ‘learned social behaviours’ or by the accumulation of ‘evidence’ based experiences that provide the robust foundations of those belief systems.

Remarkably, it turns out that what we consider to be the ‘truth’ about the ‘way the world works’ amounts to nothing more than what we ‘believe’ to be true rather than what actually is!

The Thrive Programme for Phobias will help you to gain a greater level of understanding behind the reasons why you believe that your particular phobia is a problem that you cannot solve on your own and then go on to help you do exactly that!

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What Phobias Can the Thrive Programme Help?

In short, ANY phobia.

The reason we say this is because EVERY phobia is due to ‘un-helpful’ thinking or ‘distorted belief systems’.

If you have a fear of flying because you have been involved in numerous air-crashes in your life-time, you DON’T have a phobia, you have an ‘understandable reason’ to be fearful.

This is clearly NOT irrational!

Phobias are Fears without any real grounding.

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