Sharing your Story

Congratulations on completing The Thrive Programme!

We’d love to share your story on through our social media, to inspire others to learn to Thrive.

Here are some guidelines for creating a 1-3 minute video. It’s really easy – all you need is a phone, and of course your new-found social confidence! We’ll finalise the technical details and share it on our YouTube channels: Thrive Programme and/or Emetophobia Expert.

Ideal videos are 1-3 minutes long and you can send them to The Thrive Programme via e mail, straight from your phone!


  • First find a suitable location with good lighting and no distractions in the background. Bright sunshine or dark rooms don’t work well.
  • Hold the camera in a landscape orientation – ideally ask someone to hold it still in front of you. Your head and shoulders should fill most of the screen. Ensure there’s a small gap at the top for the title (we’ll add this & a logo).
  • Have a quick practice to check the sound and ensure there are no background noises.
  • Remember: you are recording a featured story/testimonial about your journey through The Thrive Programme… please don’t mention the boot camp, residential course, online course or Thrive Consultant who guided you – please keep the testimonial just about The Thrive Programme

The most popular videos are those where someone shares their story. ‘Interview’-style videos don’t have the same appeal.

Introduce yourself:


Hi, I’m Rob and I’m 35 years old…

Explain how and why you did the Thrive Programme:

I did the Thrive Programme because I had had depression/wanted to overcome a lifelong fear of flying/heard it was the best treatment for emetophobia/saw how it changed my friend’s life…

Tell us more about your life or symptoms before you started.

Maybe you’d tried other treatments? How was your life affected by your problems?

Explain your experiences of completing the programme:

What were your favourite bits? Were there any habits you adopted to help you? Did you complete the programme with a Thrive Programme Consultant or at home? How long did it take before you started to see changes?

What’s your life like now? What does thriving mean for you?

Summarise your opinion for others

Once you’ve finished your video and are happy with it, you can send it to us straight from your phone:

If the video file is too big, then please upload it to something like dropbox, and send the link to:

We can’t wait to hear your story!

Some points to remember:

  • If you’re under 18, you must have the written permission of your parent or guardian, sent via email with your video.
  • We expect videos to be sensitive to people of all backgrounds.
  • You must not show behaviour that could be dangerous to imitate.
  • Strongly offensive language, violence and sexual content is not appropriate.
  • You must always have permission to film anyone or anything you intend for use on this site. Secret filming is not permitted.
  • The Thrive Programme has editorial discretion, and in submitting videos to The Thrive Programme, you agree to your film being shared online.

To get some inspiration, have a look at some of our existing featured stories:

Thank you very much.
Rob Kelly