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The Thrive Programme for Stress in Wolverhampton

Stress is the ‘pressure’ we experience when we are trying to cope with situations or demands that might perhaps seem unreasonable to us.

Each one of us develops a mental ‘limit’ that defines the level of anxiety that we feel we can cope with, but beyond which we might start to feel like things are starting to get on ‘top of us’.

Almost everybody has their limit set at a different level, so that the same events can be ‘stressful’ for one person, but ‘nothing special’ to another. What this tells us is that it is NOT the situation that is causing the stress, but the way we ‘think’ and ‘process’ those situations that leads to the feelings!

Some people will tell you that they ‘need’ stress in order to ‘perform’ at their very best whilst some people find it almost impossible to function in the most ‘minor’ situations.

When you reach or exceed your own personal stress-limit, then it’s likely that you will begin to experience the symptoms of stress.

The Symptoms of Stress

The symptoms of stress are well known and can include:

  • Increased irritability
  • Heightened sensitivity to criticism
  • Signs of tension, such as nail-biting
  • Difficulty getting to sleep and early morning waking
  • Low energy levels
  • Drinking and smoking more
  • Indigestion
  • Loss of concentration
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Aches and Pains
  • Anger

How the Thrive Programme Helps with Stress

The Thrive Programme is extremely helpful in teaching you about the way in which YOU tend to interpret events and situation in your own life in accordance with your own BELIEF SYSTEMS.

Whilst many of your beliefs help you to get on with life in general, the majority of us have a number of ‘Limiting Beliefs’ that have the opposite effect, in other words ‘limit’ us in some way.

By following Thrive with me here in Wolverhampton I can help you to understand what underlying beliefs you have that might make you regard certain situations as more stressful than others, and by doing so, help you to then change those beliefs so that you are able to ‘tolerate’ situations that may have previously resulted in you experiencing high levels of stress!

The Thrive Programme for Stress

The Thrive Programme is unsurpassed at helping people with ‘problems’ identify and then change their limiting belief systems.

This multi-session course utilises the very latest findings in cognitive psychology and neuroscience research to help a person to understand how a limiting belief may be formed in the first place, through either ‘learned social behaviours’ or by the accumulation of ‘evidence’ based experiences that provide the robust foundations of those belief systems.

Remarkably, it turns out that what we consider to be the ‘truth’ about the ‘way the world works’ amounts to nothing more than what we ‘believe’ to be true rather than what actually is!

The Thrive Programme for Stress will help you to gain a greater level of understanding behind the reasons why you become stressed in certain situations, and then help you to change that reaction.

A Free Consultation with Paul

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In all the years that I have been helping people to overcome problems and improve their lives I have never found a more effective ‘method’ of achieving this than the Thrive Programme.

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