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Thrive in Life!

Are YOU looking to get more out of your life but for some reason it just seems like you’re getting nowhere and your dodging one ‘curve-ball’ after another?

Then we’ve got some very exciting news for you…..

You probably never realised it before but the greatest obstacle standing in your way of having the life you desire is YOURSELF!

No matter what your life has thrown at you, no matter what your background, you really CAN have the Health, Wealth & Happiness that you want to by learning how to Thrive.

The Thrive Programme can teach you the skills to overcome your own ‘limiting beliefs‘ and in doing so, equip you to succeed where you never believed you could.

As long as you are highly motivated and are prepared to put in 100% effort, then you can certainly change your life for the better.

At this very moment, someone, somewhere is learning how to Thrive with the help and assistance of a Thrive Consultant so why not join them and Thrive with Paul here in Wolverhampton!

You Don’t Have To Be ‘Broken’ to Thrive

Although many people do consult me to overcome a problem or issue that they have, just as many people decide to follow the Thrive Programme with me in order to simply become ‘the best that they can be’.

It doesn’t really matter what has been holding you back up until now, the main thing is that you have decided to do something about it, and that in itself means that you have already improved your chances of success.

Want To Climb Mount Everest?

How realistic does that sound to you? Do you think ‘I could never do that’, or do you think ‘if I put my mind to it, I believe I could’?

One thing that we know for sure is that it certainly CAN be done because it’s been done before.

How Hard Can It Be?

Yuichiro Miura conquered Everest at the ripe old age of 80 having climbed it at 70 and 75 years of age prior to that!

You can read all about that by clicking the link here: Yuichiro Miura Planning to Conquer Everest at 90 on the Telegraph website.

And just to put that into perspective, Jordan Romero climbed Everest when he was just 13 years 10 months 10 days old!

But don’t be fooled, that doesn’t make it easy; approximately 4,000 people have scaled Everest since 1953 with almost 280 people having lost their lives in the endeavour.

The number of people who have tried and failed is unknown, although at 2016 about 1,000 try every year with approx 50% succeeding.

What Skills Do I Need to Conquer Everest?

I often talk about this in my FREE initial consultations so I’ve decided to put that here on my website. There are really only TWO main characteristics you need to succeed, a very high level of motivation and a ton of effort.

In 2006 New Zealander and double amputee Mark Inglis got to the top which also goes to prove that you don’t even need to be fully able-bodied to achieve it!

Motivation and Effort


You have to really want to climb Everest if you hope to have any chance of success! In fact, you probably need to want to more than just about anything else.

Anything less than 100% motivation is going to reduce your chances of success significantly.

This is probably no surprise to many, but what might be surprising is the number of people who consult to overcome one problem or another, and when asked why they want to solve the problem will often say something like ‘my wife wants me to’, or ‘I just feel that I ought to’.

These phrases often reveal that the person’s reasons for wanting to ‘change’ or ‘improve’ have more to do with what other people want than what they really want themselves, and in our opinion, the level of motivation that a person has when doing ‘it’ for somebody other than themselves is generally less than 100%.

So, how motivated are you?


Climbing Everest requires a fair amount of effort! In fact, it would probably be more accurate to say that it requires an enormous amount of effort and on top of the actual effort required in the climbing itself, a ton of effort is going to be have to put into the pre-training to learn “how” to climb effectively.

It is incredibly unlikely that ANYONE has reached the summit of Everest with little or no effort, its just unfeasible. This means that no matter how well motivated you are, that motivation alone will not get you to the top.

But effort alone is also insufficient. You might be the greatest climber in the World and have trained 100%, but if your desire to climb the mountain is low, then your chances of getting to the top are reduced because you are much less likely to push yourself to the top if the going gets really tough, say you nearly fall to your death down a deep crevice.

You’re much more likely to ‘call it a day’ if you didn’t really want to do it anyway!

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